My Experience of UOSM2008

If truth be told, I believed I would experience more difficulties in completing this module than actually transpired.

  1. I expected to encounter difficulty when transitioning from academic writing to blog style.
  2. I believed that the creation of graphics would be time consuming and challenging. However, by topic 2, I enjoyed looking back at the material I had created.
  3. When being given the post deadline I believed that I would struggle to complete the work. On the other hand, I was quick to create a schedule so that I could manage the work amongst all other commitments.
  4. I originally had the opinion that by taking a university-wide module I would be developing skills that I would not be totally relevant to my Marketing development. However this was not the case; I quickly realised the power of blogging as a marketing tool and incorporated it in part of one of my assignments.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 19.03.35

Despite the positives that I experienced during the module, there were also some difficulties:

  1. I struggled with contacting my peers in the case where my comment had been stuck on the dreaded “awaiting approval” stage. Due to this I was forced to contact the module leader.
  2. I struggled to keep up with comments made by my peers on my posts. This area of weakness is something I want to improve on during my future blogging experiences.


What Have I Learnt on the Module?

The video below explores what I have learnt, on a post-by-post basis.


How will I take this forward in my future work?

I would very much like to continue blogging, perhaps based on my experience of my upcoming placement year at Tefal.


Evaluating My Digital Skills

The first activity that I carried out for the module was to evaluate my online activity via a self-test. The pictogram below shows the results and reasoning behind the test.




The Development of My Professional Digital Profile

Topic 2 and 3 explored the development of a digital profile and its use as a recruitment tool. From this I have made changes to my professional digital platforms:

  • Twitter: I spent time on the site reading and interacting with colleagues on the module using the #UOSM2008. This has additionally inspired me to use my dissertation to explore Twitter as a film marketing platform.
  • Instagram and Facebook: Using the knowledge developed in Topic 4 I updated my privacy settings accordingly.
  • LinkedIn: I now keep my profile up-to-date as well as use the site as a tool to remain informed of my placement year employer and of their global activity.
  • Blogging: I made a guest appearance on a friend’s blog where I shared my experience of a recent concert that I attended.
  • Other activities at University: I created a video to display my progress through a project.

I have learnt many things during my time on UOSM2008: Living and Working on the Web and would not hesitate in recommending it to other students.

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