This week I explored the method of content release, known as open access. The term itself wasn’t familiar to me however, through my research I was surprised to discover that it was a service that I use often. I used the assessment piece to analyse the positive and negatives of the services as well as incorporate examples. When deciding on examples, I investigated material that I may have overlooked in my initial research and how the content produced would have affected the user.

UOSM2008: Writing for Open Access


To build on self-assessment and self-improvement I developed three aims for this week:

  • To create a moving image to embed into my posts.
  • Continue to create a structure to my posts.
  • To be more responsive to the comments on my posts.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 14.11.56.png

By reading and commenting on Scott’s post I learnt about news websites and their attitudes and approaches towards the use of paywalls and public perception on the issue (Mitchell, 2017). Additionally, his post allowed me to explore my own thoughts on how open source as a business model could function with or without restriction. Furthermore, through Wil’s post I explored the idea of academic writing as a form of open access material and its benefits to my academic work. From exploring both posts I have concluded that the accessibility of open source is beneficial to the development of content for both users and writers alike.

The bi-weekly posts have now come to an end :(! I have explored and learnt a considerable amount about the online world from Topic 1’s post on digital residents and digital visitors through to investigating my online profile in Topic 3. Yet my time on has not yet concluded as I will be reviewing my journey throughout this module, highlighting my successes and areas of weakness in a reflective post due 26/05.

Word Count: 307


Mitchell, B. (2017). Poynter’s Bill Mitchell on paywalls – how to shape the paid experience. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 May 2017].


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