Topic 4 – Reflection

Through the research for this topic I uncovered the ethical issues associated with online businesses. I used this assessment piece to build upon a topic that I had previously highlighted in topic 2, privacy. Privacy is an important matter that affects everyone who uses an online service. As a user of social media services online, I am aware of the steps that I can take to protect my own information. However, topic 4 has given me the opportunity to explore online privacy through the eyes of a business: with organisations being responsible for both the invasion of consumers’ privacy and the need to protect their own.

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To build on self-assessment and self-improvement I developed three aims for this week:

  • To create a moving image to embed into my post.
  • Continue to create a structure to my posts.
  • Use analytical data to build on my arguments.

By reading and commenting on Alex’s post I learnt about the thoughts of Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, and the company’s privacy ideology (Greenwald, G. 2014). Additionally, his post allowed me to explore my own thoughts on how an online business can embed a system to help their users alert them of illegal and/or unethical practices. Furthermore, through Louise’s post I explored my ideas of how privacy can be controlled by the user rather than via the business. From exploring both posts I have concluded that the most secure system for the protection of a user and a business will be to have both work side-by-side as one entity alone cannot sift and sort all the data available online.

To build on my topic 3 reflections I attempted to build a Piktochart to embed into my post. Also, I explored a variety of video software and chose because of its simplicity.

Word Count: 299


MacDonald, G. (2010) The Business Ethics Blog: Why Privacy Matters (online). Available at: (Accessed: 23 April 2017).

Greenwald, G. (2014). Why privacy matters. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 April. 2017].

Next Avenue (2013) Forbes: 7 Steps to Protect Your Online Security (online). Available at: (Accessed: 23 April 2017).


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