Through the research for this topic I discovered ways in which I can build and expand my professional profile. The assessment of digital profiles as a method of recruitment is on the rise and thus I must do more to increase both my visibility and appeal to a potential employer. However, there is a danger with negative communication online which can weaken our profile. I found the case of Justine Sacco’s very interesting and despite being fairly dated in the short shelf-life that is a trademark of today’s social media, I found it relevant to Twitter public figures causing a stir today.


To build on self-assessment and self-improvement I developed three aims for this week:

  1. To create a structure to my post.
  2. To increase the discussion of the topic whilst commenting on my colleagues’ posts.
  3. To advance my arguments using images and theory to expand on my exploration of the topic.

By reading and commenting on Emily’s post I have learnt how data can be used both timely and accurately to back up the presented argument. Additionally, her post allowed me to explore my own online profile which resulted in me developing new ideas such as a professional Twitter account which could help advance my online presence. Furthermore, Faazila’s post demonstrated how the topic could be related to my degree and, how the issues in the topics we have previously covered can be interconnected.

Despite successfully embedding images and theory into my topic, I believe moving images would have been more engaging to the reader. Additionally, producing different media types will allow me to increase my digital skills beyond Piktochart.


Finally, when developing this topic, I used a subheading to improve the clarity of my discussion and ease of understanding for the reader. However, I will use topic 4 to develop this further.

Word Count: 306


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Trump. T (2017) ‘ North Korea is behaving badly, Twitter, 17 March. Available at: (Accessed: 17 March 2017)


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