Topic 2 Relfection

I found topic 2: the exploration of multiple digital identities, very interesting to explore. I started this topic by evaluating my own stance on my digital identity and conveyed by thoughts through the post.

Following the feedback given to me from the completion of the primary task as well as my own desired achievement, I developed 3 main aims:

1) To include more/most of the course sources in the body of my assignment.

2) To include more argument in my development of the topic.

3) To increase the number of visual elements in all areas of the topic.

In the video below you can see the collection of materials I used to develop the post.

In terms of aim number two, I felt as though I spent a clear majority of my argument covering the issue of privacy and its relationship to the creation of multiple identities. However, reviewing my work for the reflection I feel as though it may have been beneficial to me and the reader had I had a more balanced and clear argument. Therefore, I will set this aim as an ongoing development for myself as I explore the module.

In the collage below I have displayed the different visual elements that I embedded into the post. Additionally, I enjoyed being able to discuss image development through the comment sections on Harriet’s and Charley’s posts.


For the reflection post, I would like to take the opportunity to set myself a target for the following week’s project. My target for topic 3 is to advance my arguments using images and theory to expand on my exploration of the topic.

Word Count: 272


Multimedia material from – Schofield, M. (2017) Topic 2 – is there a benefit to having multiple digital identities? Available at: (Accessed: 5 March 2017).

Original Sources:

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