Topic 1 Reflection

WordPress was not a new programme for me having previously used the site to track and complement my A-Level Media Studies project. However, I found myself seeking support through online tech forums and reviewing past students’ blogs and posts.

This week’s assigned topic covered digital issues that I had yet to explore in other university assignments. Nevertheless, I was surprised that I was able to associate myself with Prensky’s (2001) findings of the “net-generation” and review how the structure of my education has changed in-line with his findings.

I appreciated getting the opportunity to not only deliver feedback to my peers, but also to gain their thoughts. Commenting allowed me to form a discussion with my peers converging ideas highlighted on our respective posts. I used my post to embed an open-ended question – “Is it good to be a digital resident?” – in order to stimulate a dialogue with the reader. The large volume of responses from my peers at such an early stage encourages me to look to include this approach in further posts.

Philip’s post explored areas of Prensky’s findings of “digital immigrant vs digital natives” which I had failed to cover in-depth so this is an area I have highlighted for future improvement. Additionally, reading and reviewing Andrei’s post highlighted to me the opportunity that I could explore in future posts to maximise the amount of self-produced visual content that I can embed.

For the reflection post, I would like to take the opportunity to set myself a target for the following week’s project. My target for topic 2 is to include more self-produced or externally sourced images to add and complement my argument.

Word Count: 277


Prensky, M. (2001) Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, Part II: ‘Do they really think differently?’NCB University Press, 9(6).


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